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Established in 1976 and revitalized by the Graham family in 2006, Uens Poleline Maintenance & Construction boasts unparalleled service in the Ottawa Valley and across Eastern Ontario. Our commitment? Transparent quality service, innovative solutions, and unwavering customer satisfaction. When you choose Uens Poleline Maintenance & Construction, you choose excellence.

ESA Certified #7014595

Eastern Ontario's Powerline Services

Proudly offering specialized powerline and construction services throughout the Ottawa Valley and Eastern Ontario.

PoleLine Maintenance

Experience the results of over 35 years of overhead power line construction and maintenance.

Underground Cable Installation

Mastering underground high and low voltage power systems, from trenching to cable repair.

Emergency Response & Storm Restoration

We’re ready 24/7 to provide rapid power outage emergency solutions and storm damage restoration.

Equipment Rentals

From aerial devices to rock drills, we provide specialized equipment with proficient operators.

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Uens Poleline Maintenance & Construction

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