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When storms hit, the aftermath can be overwhelming. Uens stands guard, ensuring a rapid response and swift restoration, turning chaos back to calm. With a deep-rooted expertise in electric pole repair, downed wire repair, our team is on standby, ready to restore order. In Eastern Ontario, we’ve built a reputation as the storm’s silver lining, stepping in when nature takes its toll, ensuring safety, and reestablishing connections swiftly.
Eastern Ontario Emergency Storm Restoration

Why Choose Uens Poleline Maintenance & Construction

With years of industry expertise, Uens understands the intricate nuances of different projects. Uens Poleline is up for any challenge. With years of experience and a variety of utility specialized equipment at our disposal to get the job done. We don’t just rent equipment; we offer solutions. Every machine comes with one of our skilled operators who will deliver optimal results, ensuring your task’s success.

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We pride ourselves on the impeccable condition of our machines, rigorous quality checks, and unmatched customer service. Plus, with competitive pricing and transparent agreements, your project’s budget and timelines stay on track.

Hydrovac Services

Our Hydrovac services provide a safe, efficient and noninvasive method for excavating in urban areas.

Barging Services

Our 10-ton mobile aluminum barge can handle submarine cable installations and get heavy equipment and material loads to remote locations and islands.

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Don’t compromise on your project’s potential. Secure the best equipment from Uens Poleline Maintenance & Construction, Eastern Ontario’s trusted equipment rental partner. Reach out to our team now and ensure your project’s success.