Frequently Asked Questions

Powerline Contractor Resources

Yes, any pole located on private property is the property owner’s responsibility.
We offer free consultations and site visits to inspect your Poleline and will advise.
Yes, almost always. Please call our office for confirmation.
Yes Primary voltage requires 10m clearance (5 m either side of Poleline)
Yes, Secondary voltage requires 3-meter clearance (1.5m either side of Poleline)
Yes, any electrical work is subject to ESA jurisdiction. A qualified licensed electrical contractor is required. Uens Poleline is qualified and on their pre-authorized contractor list.
Give us a call and schedule a free consultation/site visit so that we can explore your options. First step is almost always obtaining a Hydro One Layout.
There are many instances where your local utility will allow a contractor to perform this work. The Hydro One layout will provide options for “contestable” work.

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